Never use Hermes

I ordered a parcel from Monsoon which was sent for delivery with Hermes
I was really impressed with the communication and ability to track my parcel
Yesterday the tracker said my parcel was out for delivery so I was very excited to get my parcel in time for my weekend away
I checked again today toffee my parcel had been delivered to my porch
Hmm firstly I don’t have a porch and secondly I didn’t have my parcel so I contacted Hermes via live chat only to be told not there problem as it was a retail order they entered into no discussion about my parcel except torbay they couldn’t enter into a discussion for contractual reasons
After I suggested that their courier had stolen mybparcel they ended the chat!
I called Monsoon customer services who said they had received several calls today about Hermes and promptly organised my parcel to be resent by 9am tomorrow
So Hermes one less customer for you shame on you
And Monsoon well done my loyalty to you is secure

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