Travelling behaviour

Today for the first time I travelled to Liverpool on a Virgin train so 2firsts for me, why I chose not to drive which is my usual mode is a story all to itself. I had booked my seat in advance in a ‘quiet space’ so I did not have screaming children mainly. I know you don’t need to say it. Moving on I had allowed loads of time as being so unused to train travel did not want to leave anything to chance running risk of missing train. That said I had plenty of time to toilet and buy a lovely lunch from M&S. Coming from the ladies room I heard a female voice calling after me, somewhat confused I stopped and turned to be met with a superbly apologetic lady maybe in her forties pointing out how visible my purse was in my bag (yes even peeing requires coinage these days). Naturally I closed my bag firmly and thanked her for her observation to which she continued to apologise profuselyfor interfering and intruding. A short while later when on train paused from my book to enjoy my lunch I noticed across the carriage a woman probably in her late fifties aggressively turning and looking at a much older lady who was talking on a mobile phone clearly trying to convey something that the person on the other end of the line was not getting. Now the aggressive woman at no time spoke to the lady although she did make comments to all the passengers around her. This left me curious about our ‘space’. when is it ok to step into others space and when is it ok for others to step into our ‘space’. I have no doubt that the elderly lady had absolutely no idea that she was doing anything wrong any more that I realised I was displaying my purse so effectively. When is it ok to let people know that they are disturbing you or worse offending you. There is a wealth of reports on how little bystanders are willing to ‘get involved’ even when they know it is very likely harm may come to someone by not getting involved. This is the legacy of the generation that focussed on self promotion at whatever cost. Food for thought. 

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