Taking Liberties

How many times in your life do you pay your bills without checking them/ well for me the answer is mostly this is what happens.
For some reason i have the option of online bills for my mobile which means i do not even note the monthly bill amount until I look at my bank account which is usually only when I do my yearly accounts that I take note of the amount coming out each month. Not very efficient I know but who enjoys doing all the checking?
well I have noticed that my mobile bills have been about twice what they should have been for about the last 6 months so I thought i really need to find out why.
What I discovered is that what is termed as ‘third party services’ have been sending me text messages and charing me £1.50 for each text. i am guessing these are all the messages about betting -Panther Play – or debt management that i have been receiving of late. So do beware of these on your phone bill. I am told that your phone service provider can block some companies but not all. This shameful practice by ‘Imi Stock’ has cost me about £20 per month for the last 6 months and i am certain they are doing this to hundreds maybe even thousands of phone users.
As a resut today is a day that i want to do violence on another!
Having said that i am appalled that such enterpises can get away with such shameful behaviour.In this age of technology there needs to be some safeguards that we can put in place to protect ourselves from such unscrupulous criminals.
What are we teaching our youth about working an honest day for an honest wage when so many of them think that they can get money for nothing by scamming innocent hard working individuals. i see this as a consequnce of a society that has encouraged young people to believe that they do not need to work hard to get what they want, everything is upgradable and/or replacable and nothing is forever.
I am glad i will not be alive to see these concepts come to maturity.

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