Who foots the bill?

Have you heard the one about the large corporation that is finally taking some social resposnbility and paying for its employees to get a college education? This is something that I have said for a long time that if companies want its employees educated to a specific academic level or in a specific subject then the company should pay for that as it is the company that will benefit from that education. So for me this is excellent news and hopefully a new precedent for other companies to follow. The news is full of stories about the cost of education and whether or not it is beneficial to the individual to have further education;the claim being that a degree means that over your life time you will on average earn £200000 more in your lifetime than your less educated counterparts. Sounds good until you work out that this works out around £52 per month which would not even cover your repayment costs of what you owe for that education. So when the news reports that universities are struggling financially and that more than half may close I think maybe that is a good thing. In recent years the value of a degree has diminished due to the saturation of educational centres being upgraded and degrees covering everything from footbal to pop culture. Further education needs to be targeted for future careers and the corporations that benefit from the individuals that are so educated need to pay for the priviledge.
So I would say well done to the this major corporation that has taken this bold step to pay for its employees to get a college education; I guess thats where all that unpaid tax money will be going as the company in question is Starbucks!

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