Back on 2 Wheels

The sun has come out the rain has gone and it is starting to feel a lot like Spring. This also means that cycling is back firmly on the agenda. I have continued to cycle throughout the winter although not as often but now have begun to get back into the routine i had last summer. I have been thinking about what charity to cycle for this year and thought about doing the Thames Bridge Cycle Challenge. This week hearing about Malcolm Young of AC/DC having had a stroke pushed me to decide to commit as this challenge is raising awareness and funds for The Stroke Association.
Once again my husband Stuart and sons Sean and Alex are going to join in and the 4 of us will be riding for The Stroke Association. And once again we are asking for your support.
Ifyou would like to help us raise awareness and funds for this very deserving charity, then please visit our just giving page:

Thank you for your support

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