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Do you have any family secrets? skeletons in your cupboard that are clattering to get out? secrets in families can be very destructive so why do some people keep them? In my professional life I have been told many secrets most of … Continue reading

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EDAC Day 2

Well day 2 started by challenging the current ‘knowledge’ on obesity through a comprehensive review on all the literature on obesity studies clearly demonstrating that the treatment for obesity is actually more harmful than obesity itself. The suggestion being that … Continue reading

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Eating Disorders Association of Canada Conference 2010

This is the 5th year of the EDAC and this year their conference is in Toronto- the last time I attended a conference in Toronto was back in 2005 although I have been back to Canada since then. The conference focus is … Continue reading

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Eddy Street writing workshop

Attended this at the Tavistock last week and bumped into an old friend, who was surprised to see me there, which got me thinking about other peoples perceptions. We all have our own ideas about ourselves and possibly beliefs about … Continue reading

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job creation scheme

Psychoanalytical therapy training requires trainees to undergo psychoanalytical therapy as part of their learning. Psychoanalytical theory suggests that a person can never be fully analysed. Many training establishments insist that the trainees undergo their therapy from therapists who have qualified … Continue reading

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Integrating Psychoanalytical ideas in supervison

Sounds grander than it was! If I can assume that most peoples preconceived ideas of an analytical psychotherapist are the same as mine then this lecturer fitted the bill. Crazy, off the wall, acting out the issues she was describing … Continue reading

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organisational frustrations or frustrating organisations

First step identify problem: not enough systemic supervisors Second step propose a solution: reduce supervison training form 2 years to 1 year to encourage more systemic therapists to take up training is there a step 3? because i would add Step 3: … Continue reading

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